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As many expected, the episodes did not disappoint and now TV fanatics have something to be excited about every week. You know what else viewers have to look forward to with Scream Queens? Those who dedicated their lives to PLL and the mystery of A myself included , you’re probably picking up what I’m throwing down. I have a feeling the Red Devil is going to suck in all those A groupies and make them go just as crazy — or even crazier — with theories and clues. Basically, the Red Devil is going to be as big as A and here are seven reasons proving just that. The big bad wears a crazy costume ScreamQueens Season 1 body count: Whenever there is a masked killer, the mystery is much greater and usually keeps viewers coming back for more — you know, because they need to know who’s behind the mask. Twitter is already blowing up with “the Red Devil is A” theory.

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How…how can it end already!? On the bright side, this also means PLL has nothing to lose with these last few episodes. The show can go out with a bang and pull off some outrageous plot twists:

2 Aria Montgomery Aria Marie Montgomery is a fictional character and a central protagonist in the Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shepard.. Honestly, Aria is my least favorite liar in PLL. She’s always so selfish, fake, child-like and makes EVERYTHING about her. The thing that bothered me the most was the fact that in season 4, episode 21 when Aria found out the Ezra was writing a book.

While all of the above action sounds like a drama-filled hour alone, “Welcome to the Dollhouse” also gives the fans long-awaited answers to a few of the series’ most burning questions. Check out the most shocking moments from the finale below: Despite never finding her body, Mona was presumed dead by police, who spent this season trying to find her killer. Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna also believed she was dead, and viewers were shown Mona’s body in the trunk of a car.

However, in Tuesday’s finale, the liars encounter a girl dressed like Alison and wearing a mask of Alison’s face. She then takes off her mask to reveal she is Mona and not dead after all. It turns out A faked Mona’s death and was keeping Mona trapped inside the dollhouse. Aria helps confirm Mona’s identity in one of the episode’s few lighthearted moments: Spencer’s parents learn that A is still threatening the girls.

When Mona was identified as the anonymous character making the liars’ lives difficult, Peter and Veronica Hastings thought their daughter Spencer and her friends were finally safe. But they didn’t know that a new A had taken over and continued the game. With nothing to lose, Alison, who was found guilty by a jury for Mona’s murder, reveals to Spencer’s parents that A has continued threatening the girls all along.

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The ABC Family show is now ending the first half of its sixth season and kicking off new episodes in with a five-year time jump. Online that the girls will return to Rosewood because of Alison. When the ABC Family series first began, the Liars were supposed to be entering their junior year of high school. Time moves slowly in Rosewood, and the girls are now nearing the end of their senior year in the summer finale.

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Share to Google plus Friday, October 16, – Marlene told the site: The new Big Bad has an agenda and will not stop at anything before that agenda is taken care of. Instagram 1 of 47 2. Still, change is definitely afoot for our favourite girls after the five-year time jump – for starters, Alison DiLaurentis is a teacher. Instagram 2 of 47 3. Aria hasn’t got one skull on her very un-colourful outfit.

Five years changes a person. Instagram 3 of 47 4.

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August 11, 3: Major spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched yet Yep, Ali’s look-a-like, CeCe, was hooded “A” all along! CeCe was born Charles, twin brother to Jason.

Pretty Little Liars. Some of the ugliest secrets belong to the prettiest girls in town. Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily are four more. Some of the ugliest secrets belong to the prettiest girls in town.

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But now the endless ordeal of these brave, hapless young women comes to an end. Pretty Little Liars, the labyrinthine psychological thriller aimed at messing with the tousled heads of American female tweens, but avidly consumed by an audience that bridges both the generational and gender divide, is finally attempting to tie up its bizarre and intricately plotted storylines.

Of course you are. But when Pretty Little Liars made its first appearance in June of on the tween-aimed ABC Family cable network, its small-screen show runner had loftier goals. One fateful night, Allison, threw a firecracker into the garage of a hated high-school rival causing a conflagration that blinded the girl.

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Share Comment Pretty Little Liars is still one of the guilty TV pleasures we love to keep talking about, even if it has left a gaping hole in our hearts. Either that, or you were left scratching your head and wondering what just happened? We never actually see them escape and naturally they do , so what happened? Cut to the final season, and the moms reunite, bringing up that time they got stuck in the basement. They stop short of giving us our answer, but show creator I. Why did most of the Rosewood adults really suck at parenting?

This is another unsolved mystery fans love to bring up. Charlotte is also revealed as the A-team leader in messing with the Pretty Little Liars. It was sort of explained that Charlotte had some kind of trust fund through the mysterious Carissimi Group, set up by Jessica DiLaurentis, but it was never made entirely clear why so much money was there or how Charlotte gained access it. He resurfaced as a total cutie who was dating Mona Vanderwaal.

Mike also ends up crossing paths with Charlotte, which is never a good thing. Mike manages to survive that, but then once again disappears, never to return. Speaking of Mona, at the end of season 2, she was revealed to be the original A listen, there are a lot of people who want to torment the Liars. Germain until he was uncovered as the murderer.

‘Pretty Little Liars’: 14 Mind-Blowing Secrets to Keep You Hooked Until Season 6!

And I think it has a lot to do with the show dispensing with its characteristic ambiguity. Of course, it didn’t start off that way. Our first contact with Dr. Rollins was his name on a chalkboard in a flash-forward at the end of Season 6A, as Alison wrote his surname on the board in her classroom. The neatly-written “Rollins” was quickly juxtaposed with harried Liars busting in and warning their second-most mistrusted friend only Mona, an actual former A, garners more side-eyes that he is coming.

Our first look at Rollins came with a drop beat before he tried to assuage us with a baby-faced smile and warm tidings for Ali.

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Aria deals with seeing Ezra following their separation, and also Emily begins to make prepare for life after senior high school. Turn of the Footwear air day: At the same time, Toby shares a heartbreaking key with Spencer, and also Hanna makes a startling exploration concerning her mother. Face Time air day: Hanna bristles when Caleb aims to aid her via her this newest dilemma, and also aims to move the emphasis of the authorities examination.

At the same time Aria has an awkward experience while out with Jake, and also Spencer lays a catch for Melissa. Gamma Zeta Pass away! In a hurry air day: At the same time, Shana maintains appearing in one of the most uncommon locations. Collision and also Burn, Woman! Caleb aims to persuade her Mona can not be relied on, triggering Mona to confirm her commitment in one of the most unforeseen means. As well as Spencer go back to an old haunt to examine brand-new proof connecting to Wilden and also his unexpected connections to an additional mystical fatality.

Into the Deep air day: As well as Ezra obtains some stressful information from Maggie concerning her and also Malcolm.

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Finale: ‘A’ Is Revealed!

Auditions for a variety of roles in this thrilling hour long TV production are happening very soon and submissions are being accepted today. This is a great opportunity to be a part of one of the most popular ABC Family programs and a must watch show for millions of viewers each week. Pretty Little Liars is based on a series of hugely popular young adult novels by Marlene King and tells the story of four high school girls played by Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, and Shay Mitchell whose friendship group is destroyed after the disappearance of the groups leader played by Sasha Pieterse.

The four girls soon begin receiving mysterious messages from an unknown source who threatens to expose all of their secrets.

The “Pretty Little Liars” Season 7 summer finale doesn’t end there. The episode cuts to Toby’s truck in a terrible accident. Both Toby and Yvonne (Kara Royster) are both unconscious and.

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Born on California, U. He is one of the young and talented actor of his age group. Allen is known for his role in Small Emergencies, As a last resort, pretty little liars, and Palo Alto. Allen got big break in hit TV series pretty little liars. His mysterious “Black Cat” character Toby Cavanaugh made him very popular.

The TV series is about the mysterious murder, darkest secret.

The premiere of Pretty Little Liars Season 6B is less than a month away, which means the release of new promos and photos for the upcoming season. On Tuesday, a new PLL poster was unveiled and it.

However, viewers got to see their escape attempt from a different perspective — a mysterious girl. However, this girl knew better than to try to run away from Charles. He locks the Liars outside for days without any form of shelter, food or water. Things look grim, but the girls finally catch a break when the doors to the dollhouse open again. He knocks the girls unconscious with gas, but takes Mona away. Tanner Roma Maffia found the video footage of Mona alive and well, the police were forced to drop the murder charges.

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Cold Opening Creator Cameo: Seth is made even creepier because it was implied he has some form of psychic ability. The dolls that A sends to the girls, and the dolls in the doll shop especially the one resembling Alison near the end of If These Dolls Could Talk. The main characters and many of the recurring charcters have skeletons in their closet.

Prev Next Complete Series Coverage. There’s only one way to get through the Poehler Vortex, and that is with an episode of Pretty Little Liars this heated. Everyone was so sassy last night! A.

Ali never died and is actually a killer. Alison has a mentally ill twin named Courtney that none of her friends knew about. Courtney escaped from a mentally ill center, pretended to be Ali, and had her sister sent to the center saying Ali was Courtney. Courtney read Alison’s diary containing all the girls secrets. When Alison escaped from the center, she sneaked into the barn and kidnapped her sister and buried her alive in revenge. Somehow Mona read the diary and was A.

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