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By mid-century, legal reforms granting women the right to vote and raising the minimum age for marriage offered more opportunities for women to pursue education outside the home. The changes in women’s education have split into increased usage and dominance of the opportunities available to women, and the imposition of strict requirements governing their role in education, including gender-segregated classes, Islamic dress, and the channeling of women into “feminine” majors that prevent the pursuit of certain careers. Women’s workforce participation rate went from 9. Women make up over half of the Iranian population, yet they make up a small percentage of the work force. Official statistics reported by the Census Bureau suggest that women’s labor force participation remains quite low. Men on the other hand made up 64 percent, or roughly 11, , Women are concentrated in the typically female jobs of teaching and caring.

2017: The Year the Iraq War Truly Ended

Though the security has improved since the war, kidnappings and violence still persist in its cities and thus remains risky to visit. Foreign travelers might want to exclude this country using their list of spots to go to. Many foreign journalists still visit the spot for work related purposes. Read these culture reviews compiled by real travelers. A trip to all mosques is restricted to time and clothing.

One must take care of the head and women, especially should dress modestly.

The Skeletons of Shanidar Cave A rare cache of hominid fossils from the Kurdistan area of northern Iraq offers a window on Neanderthal culture.

My truth is, having the opportunity to find and explore the lesser known, less touristic sites and talking with its people, is what truly captivates me and draws my attention. Then, having the possibility to report these journeys to you through my adventure travel blog , is really rewarding. Today I take you to Baghdad, unable to be described without first mentioning a bit of its history. The capital of Iraq, a country rooted in civilizations dating from the year BC, namely the Sumerians, Acadians, Babylonians and the Assyrians.

Between the 8th-9th centuries AD, the region became influential under the Arab rule after the Persians, Greeks, and Romans had passed through. Regrettably, most of northern and central Iraq territories became dangerous places due to the presence of radical, militant Islamic groups taking advantage of the security void. Yet, apart from these vulnerable zones, certain areas of Iraq and Baghdad remained safe and accessible to the more adventurous of travelers. Earlier last year, after reminiscing of an day in Iraqi Kurdistan , where I made a trouble-free and secure trip in , I came up with an important decision in my travel life: To return and visit Iraq again… For 12 days in February of , I decided to venture beyond the safe northern Kurdish zones by further exploring its southern territories devastated by years of war and religious conflict.

BBC News uses ‘Iraq photo to illustrate Syrian massacre’

A cemetery in Kirkuk, Iraq, Ideas over ideology, principles over party. Please consider a tax-deductible, year-end contribution so that TAC can make an even bigger difference in ! And in the oddest of ironies, it may be that Donald Trump, the fifth president to preside over U. The lowest since the invasion in Ironically, however, after a quarter-century of American conflict in Iraq, the U.

As the second largest museum in Iraq, the Mosul Museum is home to hundreds of artefacts of Assyrian origin, some dating back 3, years. In , some 1, objects were relocated to the Iraqi Museum in Baghdad for safekeeping, while other statues – too large or too fragile – stayed.

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Bowing One of the most obvious social conventions is the bow. Everyone bows when they say hello, goodbye, thank you or sorry. Bowing is a term of respect, remorse, gratitude and greeting. If you meet someone in Japan you may wish to give them a little bow, but you do not necessarily need to bow to everyone who bows to you. Entering a shop or restaurant for example, you will be greeted by shouts of irrashaimase welcome and a bow from the staff as a sign of respect to you as the customer.

As the customer, you will not be expected to bow back as you could be facing a long bow-off as the staff will feel it necessary to bow back to you. You may prefer to adopt the casual head-nod version of the bow as a sign of acknowledgement when thanked for your purchase at the end of your shopping experience. Many Japanese people use the head-nod in more casual everyday situations. As a visitor to Japan you will probably have no use for either of these.

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Rain uncovers 75 ancient artifacts in Iraq

READ MORE Foundation of the city At some time in the 4th millennium bce, the city was founded by settlers thought to have been from northern Mesopotamia, farmers still in the Chalcolithic phase of culture. There is evidence that their occupation was ended by a flood, formerly thought to be the one described in Genesis. Ur in the early dynastic period, 29th—24th century bce In the next Early Dynastic period Ur became the capital of the whole of southern Mesopotamia under the Sumerian kings of the 1st dynasty of Ur 25th century bce.

Excavation of a vast cemetery from the period preceding that dynasty 26th century produced royal tombs containing almost incredible treasures in gold, silver, bronze, and semiprecious stones, showing not only the wealth of the people of Ur but also their highly developed civilization and art. Not the least remarkable discovery was that of the custom whereby kings were buried along with a whole retinue of their court officials, servants, and women, privileged to continue their service in the next world.

Musical instruments from the royal tombs, golden weapons, engraved shell plaques and mosaic pictures, statuary and carved cylinder seals, all are a collection of unique importance, illustrating a civilization previously unknown to the historian.

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Parliament elects Barham Salih as new president The Kurdish moderate politician has named veteran Shia politician Adel Abdul Mahdi as prime minister-designate. Widely seen as a moderate, Salih was chosen on Tuesday after a dispute between the two main Kurdish parties delayed the vote , eventually forcing them to choose among 20 nominees. Salih routed his main rival, Fuad Hussein, with votes to Shia legislator Hamid al-Moussawi said the session was delayed because the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan were unable to agree on a single candidate.

The new president will have 15 days to task the nominee of the largest parliamentary bloc with forming a new government. Under an unofficial agreement dating back to the US-led invasion, Iraq’s presidency – a largely ceremonial role – is held by a Kurd , while the prime minister is Shia and the parliament speaker is Sunni. New Prime Minister-designate Salih has named veteran Shia politician Adel Abdul Mahdi as prime minister-designate and tasked him with forming a new government, two legislators told the Reuters news agency.

According to Iraq’s constitution, Abdul Mahdi now has 30 days to form a government and present it to parliament for approval.

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To understand the culture of Iraq — the true essence of the people and the place — we should look beyond the current unrest, wipe away the past few centuries of Ottoman rule, ineffective monarchy and military rule, and forget the nation that is but a recent invention. This is where we find the conditions upon which a glorious past evolved and an uncertain future now rests. Mountains, Plains and Rivers. The Tigris and Euphrates, their tributaries and Mesopotamia have historically embraced all that lay between the foothills of the Iranian mountains to the northeast, and the great desert of the Arabian Plateau to the southwest.

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In this report, General Petraeus told Congress: Security in Iraq is better than it was when Ambassador Crocker and I reported to you last September, and it is significantly better than it was 15 months ago when Iraq was on the brink of civil war and the decision was made to deploy additional US forces to Iraq. A number of factors have contributed to the progress that has been made. First, of course, has been the impact of increased numbers of Coalition and Iraqi Forces.

You are well aware of the U. Less recognized is that Iraq has also conducted a surge, adding well over , additional soldiers and police to the ranks of its security forces in and slowly increasing its capability to deploy and employ these forces. I have been vocally critical of the current Administration for the many mistakes made in Iraq following the invasion and continue to believe that more needs to be done to push a process of political reconciliation. Importantly, we have also seen U.

John Kelly also said he is amazed at the progress he sees on what is his third tour of duty in Anbar since the invasion of Iraq. Even with the success of the surge in Iraq that has been widely acknowledged by military leaders, independent experts, and media analysis, ideologically driven rhetoric that our military is failing in Iraq has continued. In this regard, the Government of Iraq still has much work to do.

Christian Retailer Hobby Lobby Stole Middle East History to Make a Bible Museum in Washington

Ancient artifacts seized from Hobby Lobby are shown at a May 2 event returning the artifacts to Iraq in Washington, D. The seized artifacts include cuneiform tablets from the little-known ancient city of Irisagrig. They had infestations of salt in them, so it’s not that I could say I had been able to read everything,” says the Yale University professor.

Arab rule during the medieval period had the greatest cultural impact on modern Iraq. The dominating culture within Iraq is Arab, and most Arabs are Muslim. Iraqi Muslims are split into two groups, the Sunnis and the Shias (Shiites).

Many other languages are spoken by a variety of ethnic groups, most notably Kurdish. There is also a distinct sub-group of Iraqi Arabs, called the Ma’dan or Marsh Arabs, who inhabit miles of marshy area just above the point at which the Tigris and Euphrates join together. Religion The majority of Iraqis are Muslims regardless of ethnicity. As well as the power shift people have also been able to express their religious identities a lot more freely.

The differences are not as acute as one would think. Essentially the split occurred to the political question of who should succeed the Prophet Muhammad as the leader of the community. Major differences between the two occur in jurisprudence i. Regardless of orientation Islam prescribes a way of life and it governs political, legal, and social behaviour. Hospitality Hospitality is an Arab and Muslim tradition deeply engrained in the culture.

Visitors are treated as kings and must always be fed and looked after. A tradition within Islam actually stipulates someone is allowed to stay in your home for 3 days before you can question why they are staying and when they will leave, Invitations to a home must be seen as a great honour and never turned down. Family and Honour Iraqis consider family and honour to be of paramount importance. The extended family or tribe is both a political and social force.

ISIS Is Beaten. But Iraq Is Still Hell for LGBT+ People.

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The Greens aim to present Middle Eastern history and culture through a narrow and historically dubious Judeo-Christian lens. Besides fighting a case to the Supreme Court and winning the right not to provide contraceptives for women in its health plan, the billionaire Hobby Lobby fortune is being put to use specially to erode the separation of church and state that has been bedrock to American culture since the founding of the country.

Beyond the Bible Museum, the Greens, known as the Koch brothers of the evangelical movement, have spent millions creating a Bible-centered curriculum for American public schools now in use in Israel , that so far, courts have ruled cannot be implemented. Department of Justice, which will eventually return them to Iraq.

Persian Culture • Iranian Culture. Identity: Everyone has one, but after the Arab invasion of Persia, many of its people felt lost. As Shahrokh Meskoob quoted, “Identity is a reactive matter and attention to self becomes more meaningful in relation to others.”.

Victory stele of Naram-Sin of Akkad. Bronze Age In the 26th century BC, Eannatum of Lagash created what was perhaps the first empire in history, though this was short-lived. Later, Lugal-Zage-Si , the priest-king of Umma , overthrew the primacy of the Lagash dynasty in the area, then conquered Uruk , making it his capital, and claimed an empire extending from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean. From the 29th century BC, Akkadian Semitic names began to appear on king lists and administrative documents of various city states.

It remains unknown as to the origin of Akkad, where it was precisely situated and how it rose to prominence. Its people spoke Akkadian , an East Semitic language. The influences between Sumerian and Akkadian are evident in all areas, including lexical borrowing on a massive scale—and syntactic, morphological, and phonological convergence. This mutual influence has prompted scholars to refer to Sumerian and Akkadian of the 3rd millennium BC as a Sprachbund.

Bill of sale of a male slave and a building in Shuruppak , Sumerian tablet, circa BC. Between the 29th and 24th centuries BC, a number of kingdoms and city states within Iraq began to have Akkadian speaking dynasties; including Assyria , Ekallatum , Isin and Larsa. However, the Sumerians remained generally dominant until the rise of the Akkadian Empire — BC , based in the city of Akkad in central Iraq. Sargon of Akkad , originally a Rabshakeh to a Sumerian king, founded the empire, he conquered all of the city states of southern and central Iraq, and subjugated the kings of Assyria, thus uniting the Sumerians and Akkadians in one state.

He then set about expanding his empire, conquering Gutium , Elam and had victories that did not result into a full conquest against the Amorites and Eblaites of Ancient Syria. After the collapse of the Akkadian Empire in the late 22nd century BC, the Gutians occupied the south for a few decades, while Assyria reasserted its independence in the north.

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