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The idea then spread outward and took root elsewhere, primarily in Taiwan and South Korea. Following are the personality traits ascribed to the basic blood types: A, B, AB and O. Conservative, introverted, reserved, patient, punctual and inclined to be perfectionists. Obsessive, stubborn, self conscious and uptight. They can also be secretive and reluctant to share their feelings. Animal-loving, creative, flexible, individualistic, optimistic and passionate. Forgetful, irresponsible and self-centered.

Dating a Person With a Type A Personality

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Jun 04,  · “What is your blood type?” (血液型 けつえきがた 、 何 なに 型 がた ?) is a very common question when meeting new people in Japan. For a foreigner it can be a bit strange to be asked this, but it can be compared to the western habit of asking one’s horoscope or zodiac sign.

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Image Sex in Japan: In an era where dating is at your fingertips, one part of the world is losing interest in conventional relationships altogether. For a country with more than million people, very few are choosing to go on a date, or even get intimate with another person. Basically, sex is no longer a priority for the younger demographic.

And now researchers know that everyone has a Junior (JR) or Langereis (LAN) blood type, explains study coauthor Bryan Ballif, Ph.D., assistant professor of biology at the University of

One may be taken aback by this at first. Was there an accident? Do they need a blood transfusion and this is a desperate plea for help? These things may flash through your mind in response to such a bizarre and off-kilter question. However, rest assured it is actually nothing of the sort. Indeed, in Japan this is akin to asking something what their star sign is, but with the added weight that many people really truly believe it.

Welcome to Japan, where your blood truly makes you what you are. There is a long history of belief in the idea that the blood influences our character and even our destiny, and this was being investigated well back into history. This all got a boost of sorts in , when the Austrian scientist Karl Landsteiner established the ABO system of blood grouping, which places human blood into four basic types: Although this groundbreaking research would pave the way for safer blood transfusions and save countless lives, it also unfortunately opened the door for these concrete blood types to be twisted and used by eugenics theorists as a basis to judge people based on blood type alone, giving the ancient belief in a connection with blood and personality a basis in reality for them.

This was most famously carried by the Nazis, who sought to use blood types as a basis to establish a stronger claim of racial superiority and purity, but it also found its way to Japan in the s, when the country was quite militaristic and looking for ways to find the perfect soldiers for different duties or roles. This work would be followed up on by a professor named Takeji Furukawa the following year, in an article titled The Study of Temperament Through Blood Type, in the scientific journal Psychological Research.

This was all presented as serious scientific research, and the Japanese government and populace ate it all up. Before long there were whole military units divided by blood type, and officers were invariably promoted or assigned based on this.

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Find out what your blood type says about your personality and health. Could blood type provide a key to wellness and even affect our personality? In Japan extensive research on blood type and personality began more than 60 years ago.

From Informationism. The blood type theory of personality is a popular belief in Japan that a person’s ABO blood type or ketsueki-gata (血液型?) is predictive of their personality, temperament, and compatibility with others, similar to the Western world’s astrology.

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Blood Types and Character Features of People

Some people try to match themselves with potential mates by their horoscopes, finding how their personalities were influenced by the stars. Others look to numerology, and the mystical connections between numbers and life events. Others take a more biological approach: Using blood types beyond medical intent—such as a marker for personality traits—has become an increasingly popular pastime in recent years, though the idea has been knocking around Japan since the late s. Like numerology and astrology, the idea of using blood types to distinguish personality types has no grounding in science.

May 15,  · Myth About Japan Blood Types Under Attack By MARI YAMAGUCHI, Associated Press Writer TOKYO – To many Japanese, the key to their personality lies not in their stars but in their blood type.

And they always seem taken aback when I say I have no idea. But why should I know my blood type? And if they happen to be correct, everyone nods knowingly. In most cases, the question is simply an effort to get to know you better. This sorts blood into four groups — A, O, B and AB — depending on the absence or presence of certain antigens, which are inherited substances that can trigger an immune response if introduced into an incompatible body.

But in Japan, nearly everybody knows their own blood type. The reason for this is a popular belief that personality is determined by blood type. According to a widely shared typology, someone with Type A blood, for example, will be kinben diligent , kireizuki neat and sensitive to the feelings of others, while type Os are jihatsuteki self-starters , riseiteki logical and tend to do things their own way. It all works a lot like horoscopes in the West. Furthermore, many Japanese believe your blood type is a predictor of your compatibility with others, so there is a booming business in ketsueki-gata uranai, or love-matching based on blood type.

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But can it really determine who makes the best politicians, bankers, or baseball, players?. Retrieved Nov 24 from https: Japanese popular culture has been saturated by blood typology for decades. Dating services use it to heap make matches.

A blood type (also called a blood group) is a classification of blood, based on the presence and absence of antibodies and inherited antigenic substances on the surface of red blood cells (RBCs). These antigens may be proteins, carbohydrates, glycoproteins, or glycolipids, depending on the blood .

This is something I still find a bit messed up. Especially when someone just comes out and asks me out of the blue. I think why would I know that? Not even my mother has an idea what my blood type is!!! The only time it really does come up is when you are giving or needing blood. Which is fair enough. However, in Japan, a large portion of society believe that your blood type has more meaning. It is said that your personality, temperament, and habits are an inherited result from your certain blood type.

Similar in a way to the beliefs of astrological signs in other western countries. Blood Types in the Dating Scene The most popular use of blood types is in the dating scene. Blood types are referred to when gauging compatibility with a potential partner in all aspects of dating. Finding a partner, getting married and can be even be used to gauge sexual compatibility.

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A very nice and open man, he might be willing to do the ceremony. They have a phone number posted on the Net. People are always asking me what blood type I am, and I have no idea. Do I need to know? Why is it so important?

In that sense, blood type seems to perform a similar function that astrological belief in the power of the Zodiac plays in the West, except that in Japan such views are taken much more seriously; according to Sullivan, “Japan has an obsession with blood types.”.

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