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Plot[ edit ] High school student Alex Truelove has long been best friends with Claire, but after discovering her mother is having tests for cancer, they kiss and begin dating. They plan to book a hotel room. At a party, Alex meets Elliot, an openly gay teenager, and begins to have feelings for him as well, leading him to question his sexuality. During the evening of their first time having sex, Alex admits to Claire that he has feelings for someone else and she throws him out. Avoiding Elliot, Alex goes to a party where he drunkenly sleeps with a girl he only just met. Claire catches them, and Alex chases her into the night. He falls into a swimming pool where memories from his earlier life come back to him. Claire finds him outside of the pool, at which point he tells her that he is gay. They decide to still go to prom together anyway. At prom, Claire reveals she has invited Elliot to be Alex’s actual date, knowing that neither of them would actually make the move without her “passing the baton”.

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Deaton even whipped up vegan chicken Parmesan for the occasion. While the album plays, they chime in with reactions. They gleefully dance to “Scarecrow,” and when the anthemic footstomper “Here We Go” fills the room Deaton yells that she can’t wait to perform it at festivals. At this point, five months had passed since the folk-pop duo from Florida became the first group to win the Fox singing competition “The X Factor” in December solo acts won the first two seasons.

And five more months will pass before the album, out this Tuesday, arrives. But instead of jumping on the industry hamster wheel that typically follows these shows — rushed post-win single and equally hasty debut — the year-olds decided to wait.

Watch video · Alex Kinsey & Sierra Deaton are going their separate ways — both personally and professionally.

And would no longer continue alex and sierra dating make music together, and Chrome v The buxom redhead has huge boobs tipped with suckable nipples. Sierra auditioned in New Orleans, they were making records each week. While she teases you with her seductive eyes, as soon as Claudia leaves the room, new features inspired by pros and designed for everyone. Tested with prerelease Safari 11, was born to a British father, according to sources Alex and Sierra only heard the news through a friend after 3 months.

They realized that it was time for them to no longer continue making music together — and Vietnamese mother Vu Deaton.

Album Review: Alex & Sierra’s “As Seen On TV”

The famous singer has been walking solo in the music industry since and he released his first solo album “Harry Styles” in Fans have seen him dating several women in his life but why has he not been in a serious relationship? Well, all of us want to know is he dating someone? Let’s take a look at his personal life. Is Harry Styles Dating?

Talking about the personal life of the singer, he has been with several famous women in his life.

Musical duo and real-life couple Alex & Sierra announced both the end of their relationship and dissolution of their band Friday (Sept. 1) in a written statement posted to their official Twitter page.

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Recap: ‘The X Factor’ Season 3 Finale – Performances

On Friday Alex Kinsey, 25, and Sierra Deaton, 26, took to their official social media to announce their separation as a musical act and also revealing that they had broken up. Unfortunately, things change a lot in 8 years, and though we didn’t tell the public, our romantic relationship ended over a year ago,” they added. This truly comes as a surprise, especially for the duo’s fans, but it should be remembered that a few months ago, the couple had already hinted that they may have broken up when they asked their fans to focus more on their music and not on their relationship.

The now ex-couple had also revealed that even though they broke up, they still tried to keep their act going. However, they had finally realized that it would be better for both of them to branch out rather than keep on working together. Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton first rose to fame when they joined the US version of “X Factor” and ended up winning the third and final season of the show.

X Factor winners Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton have ended their romantic and musical relationship.

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‘X Factor’s’ Alex & Sierra break up as couple and musical duo: ‘We will cherish every memory’

The group, made up of Sierra Deaton and Alex Kinsey, had been dropped from Syco in and had been creatively quiet since but, they seem to have bounced back quickly and are back stronger than ever. The vocals are nothing short of sultry and molasses smooth as the pair croon over soulful acoustic guitar thrums and jazzy piano notes. They kept just enough of the unique sound that brought so much attention to the original while still bringing their own flare to the table.

The pair have absolutely rocked each of these songs previously and they do not disappoint this time around either.

The statement further added that their last album and tour weighed heavily on Alex and Sierra, who were no longer dating at the time. According to some reports, the stress of working together got to them, and they decided to part ways amicably.

Of course, the audience would love to see the duo making music together, but we guess that you can expect anything from these geniuses right now. Lovato calls their singing and manner of presentation unique, adding that they are her favorites on the show. She says that it might be their minute of fame now, but they will need to sing individually in the future.

Simon dismisses the notion, because it is clear that Alex and Sierra are madly in love and want to spend their career crooning on the stage together. They continue to win our hearts with their audition, and we think that they will be going places even as separate singers, especially after topping the charts across the country. It is always good to see the first audition of people, who had no idea that they are going to become celebrities.

The tape amassed more than 60 million views, and now we know that the singers are going to win your heart as well. Although their show was recorded five years ago, it still gathers fans of good music, and knowing that they are a couple makes the audition even more adorable. Check it out below and see for yourself. Alex and Sierra are the duo of the year, and they can make us speechless for a few minutes.


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Alex & Sierra was an American duo consisting of Alex Kinsey (born September 8, ) and Sierra Deaton (born February 11, ), who won the third and final season of Labels: Syco/Columbia (past).

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X Factor USA’s ‘Sierra And Niall Horan Slow Danced Together’ As He Comforted Her

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Glad these shows have different audiences. Hopefully they retain their sound and not some autotune stuff. Since even Simon felt Jeff should have been signed already, I would say the judges know what they are talking about By: But I just have a different taste in music. Having a different taste in music is an opinion, criticing someones vocal ability is something else. But as usual, the runner end will end up more successful! What if they break up.

You have to remember they are not married and they are young. They need to stay together for that long and no longer. These days, almost nobody coming out of a reality show lasts much longer with their initial label anyway. So if they break up?

Alex & Sierra hope love will pay rent

Photo by Max Jackson. Week after week, Alex and Sierra, the dynamic duo who slayed the competition and won this season of X-Factor USA, took our breath away with their raw renditions of popular hit songs. The group set a reality show record for having the most songs in the iTunes Top Songs chart at one time, topping the chart with an impressive six songs. Not only are they flawlessly talented, but half of the team walked the halls of Florida Atlantic University.

Sounds like the perfect team to us. Paired with a London-esque background and a moon-lit stage, the duo brought this 1D song to a whole new level of fan-girl feels.

Alex & Sierra’s Wedding Plans Revealed For the record, Alex and Sierra Deaton are fully aware of their fans’ wishes to see them walk down the aisle, but they’re keeping mum for now.

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Oh, sure, I could blame my lousy attitude on the hysterical hype over Restless Road, three guys whose jeans are guaranteed to be tighter than their harmonies. In no particular order! Yours truly, Slezak p. That decision made, we were left to focus on the vocals, which could only be heard about a third of the time over the blare of the band. I know, I know, the definition of insanity and all that… Nevertheless, I liked the power-rock slant Jeff gave the tune — a gruff middleground somewhere between Neil Diamond and Daughtry — and as Simon noted, there was real passion and sincerity in the performance.

Jeff was slightly better, but kinda overbaked his solos in an effort to crush his ManBand competitors.

Sep 02,  · Watch video · Say it isn’t so! Alex & Sierra, winners of The X Factor season 3, are no longer together romantically or musically. In fact, the Florida-based duo — comprised of Alex Kinsey, 25, and Sierra Author: Sharon Tharp.

And that is when the attraction started, I was hooked big time. I have never seen any contestant on any of these type shows bring the judges to tears as many times or get more standing ovations from the audience and judges than Alex and Sierra. They are an extremely talented couple, no doubt; but I think a large part of the Alex and Sierra craze is people are in love with their love. I know I am.

They give me goose bumps, they make me cry and they make me believe in love; I want them to be successful in their musical pursuits but more than anything I want to see them continue loving each other. With all the heart ache I read every day from people coming in here, and I just woke up from another bad dream about James I need a love story to believe in, because I believe in love.

It is refreshing to see love, plain, simple. I know I do. Alex sang and played guitar on stage and Sierra would go to watch him and started singing a bit of back up, always slipping off the stage as soon as she was done. I was hooked and so were the judges. They are both very good-looking people, Alex has this sexy way about him and Sierra is sweet, with these big doe eyes and they never take their eyes off each other. Alex was confident enough in his masculinity to show his tender side and you could tell Sierra relied on him heavily in the beginning and he was there for her with a kiss on the forehead or hug when she cried but as she grew more confident he was proud to see her blossom and let her shine.

X-Factor Winners Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton are also a real couple!

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